We supply the lowest cost fuel cell alcohol testers to your country and market!

Be the first importer of your market to enjoy!

We know your pain - fuelcell alcohol testers are expensive!

Our goal is to make fuel cell alcohol testers truly affordable - so you can upgrade from semiconductor models to fuel cell models for excellent accuracy!

If you are currently importing fuel cell models, now you can have the lowest cost model in the market to stay competitive. And most importantly, this will help you to sell much more units - easier!

Quality trusted by the biggest chain stores

We, Kotex Development Holdings Ltd (a Hong Kong based company), have more than 20 years of focused experience in alcohol testers. We only manufacture alcohol testers and nothing else.

We have already exported over 1.5 million units of alcohol testers worldwide. And because of our products superb high quality, we are the only manufacturer in the market to have products selling in the biggest retailer chain stores (over 30,000 stores coverage) such as Walmart, Costco, Best Buy, Target, MediaMarkt….. etc, for 15 years consecutively - the high performance of our products are trusted by these big retailer’s buyers!

Ultimate accuracy by electrochemical platinum fuel cell sensor

Our models are all equipped with platinum fuel cell sensors - offering an extremely high level of accuracy, sensitivity and reliability.

Stay competitive with fuel cell testers

If you have imported alcohol testers for long time, it is time to upgrade your products to fuel cell sensor based testers to stay competitive - as you may already aware that semiconductor testers are no longer welcomed by the market. Start enjoying fuel cell accuracy with our different models effortless, with our low pricing!

See our product line below

We carefully designed three different series of product line models with different levels of price points. You will easily find the most suitable fuel cell alcohol tester for your market!

Elite Series

Superb accuracy powered by Premium grade electrochemical fuel cell sensor. For importer looking for the highest accuracy. But at the same time, very affordable!

Mid-range Series

The mid-range series is specially for customers who demand for a good balance of quality and price!

Super Low-cost Series

Ideally for upgrading from semiconductor model, start enjoying fuel cell accuracy at semiconductor similar price! Now you can have fuel cell models to stay competitive among other importers!

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